I start my presentation asking people to not hide their smartphones – kind of unusual and intriguing request. The interest appear. They know that something is going to happen…

People looking at their smartphones is one of concerns for each presenter. But we can use their smartphones to engage them in our presentation.

Ask them instead of lecturing

Educators know that there is a big difference between telling people about something not directly linked to their life versus asking questions and make people think to answer.

Questions can be nice way to build bridge between your message and their reality – even asking about opinion changes one way speech into conversation. But how to dialog in conference room with hundreds participants?

You can do it with technology which changes their smartphones into voting device.

How it looks like during presentation?

I use Reactioneo.com service on my performances. It allows you to prepare a bunch of questions to ask people on one or more presentations.

Before the presentation I login into Reactioneo page and choose the poll I want to use. I switch the browser to fullscreen mode.

First of all I ask people to not hide smartphones. I provide the presentation with PowerPoint.

When the proper moment comes I switch to browser to display screen to collect data.

I ask people to scan QR-code or just type in short address into their browser. They get the small questionnaire on their smartphones or tablets. People get simple questionnaire on their phones.

They can answer your questions.

Each answer increases the numbers on big screen, so I can easily observe how many answers he collected.

Then, with one button, I switch to the results screen and present their answers.

The engagement factor

Reactioneo engages the audience in several ways:

  • Asking people to not hide their smartphones makes them curious
  • Giving them questions to answer makes them think about the questions
  • It brings some playability to presentation
  • When you present results you do not talk about YOUR questions but about THEIR answers – so your presentation is much closer to their reality
  • You stand out – especially during conference, where people are listening to many presentation (slide overdose?)

One of my use case is providing results of some our research – some sentences describing the reality of national e-learning market. I could just show them on a slide, but even if I make each sentence on separate slide they will probably look and forget.

I put the research results to Reactioneo and ask the audience whenever they agree with the findings.

Then I discuss with them what has changed between the research and our presentation, especially when answers differ.

The Reactioneo service

The nice thing about Reactioneo is that it is easy and quick.

People just start it with QR-code – no logins, no installations – just scan and go.

Before your presentation you prepare your presentation in rather intuitive application – you can use the same set of questions in many groups and events.

After presentation you can download the results and have them in Excel.

You can try Reactioneo with free, limited account and decide to go PRO.

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