Easy extract hires pictures from Word document

Working many years with training handouts I learned one thing – when it comes to professional printing they will ask you to provide original, full resolution copies of the pictures that you embended in the document. There is a way to do it very easily and efficiently.

I recently have worked in a project where a manual for an application was produced. Over 150 pages, hundreds of screenshots – how to send those pictures – especially if you just copied screenshots and pasted them without saving them on the disk.

The is a way to make it very quick.

I talked about the problem to my friend, who owns a small advertisment agency and he gave me a very useful tip. Be careful, it is one of those killer tips which you can share in the club to gain girls attention (IT geek girls at least).




First of all – make a copy of your Word document. Just in case. It is the way IT people work – they make copies before every important action. They would probably like to make a clone of their children before each holiday.

So – make a copy.

Now you have to change the extesion of your Microsoft Word file. Change the extension to “zip”. So if your file had name “Document.docx” now it should be named “Document.zip”.



We do it because a Microsoft Word document is, as a matter of fact, a compressed zip file.

Then unpack this file and look inside unpacked folders. Find a folder named “word” and then a folder named “media”.


And there you can find all the pictures used in the document – with original density and size. You can easily copy them.

It works only for files with “docx” extension introduced in Word 2007 – older “doc” format is different.

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  1. Susan Reyes

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Our firm uses Word to create documentation (later publishing to PDF), and this is one of the BEST tips I’ve read in years. Thank you for this valuable information.

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