When you are a trainer and you use the projector during your session please be aware that uncontrolled behaviour of your laptop can ruin your reputation.

My friend sent me a movie clip recorded with a mobile phone during an MBA session. They were doing a kind of a group activity, so the laptop was unattended but still connected to the projector. On the video below you can find out what appeared on the big screen when the screensaver came on.

From this moment the group could not focus on the project management or whatever this session was about. The reputation of the instructor just… vanished.

If you are using your laptop during a session please remember about things that can appear:

  • screensaver – hope you have neutral one, not with your family pictures
  • notifications of social media software – Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
  • notifications of mail software
  • Your messy desktop
  • Names of files (for example with your customer brands)

Please share if you have anything to add to the list.

What I do is I switch off the energy-saver functionality.


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